VB Fix Walker

Introducing the Fix Walker, a simple and cost-effective mobility solution designed for basic support. Made from MS 22 pipe, this walker offers stability and durability at an affordable price point. While it lacks adjustable features, its straightforward design makes it easy to use for individuals seeking a budget-friendly option. Coated with a low-grade finish, this walker is suitable for those looking for an economy product without compromising on essential support. Experience basic mobility assistance with the Fix Walker.

Fix walker no adjustable,

made from MS 22 pipe

low grade coated, economy product



  1. Simple and Cost-effective Design: The Fix Walker offers a straightforward and budget-friendly solution for individuals in need of basic mobility support.
  2. Constructed with MS 22 Pipe: Made from durable MS 22 pipe, this walker provides stability and reliability for users during mobility.
  3. Non-adjustable Design: While lacking adjustable features, the Fix Walker offers simplicity and ease of use for individuals seeking uncomplicated mobility aids.
  4. Low-grade Coated Finish: Coated with a low-grade finish, this walker provides adequate protection against rust and corrosion, ensuring longevity with minimal maintenance.
  5. Economy Product: Designed as an economy product, the Fix Walker offers essential support at an affordable price point, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  6. Sturdy Construction: Despite its simplicity, the Fix Walker is built to withstand daily use and provide steady support for individuals with mobility challenges.
  7. Ideal for Basic Mobility Needs: Suitable for individuals who require basic assistance with mobility, the Fix Walker offers a reliable and practical solution without unnecessary features or complexity.