VB 2 in 1 Commode Wheelchair

Introducing the VB Wheelchair with Big Wheels, a versatile and lightweight mobility solution designed to provide comfort and ease of use. Constructed with sturdy MS CRP Pipe, this wheelchair features Mag Wheels (Big) on the front, equipped with PU tires for smooth and reliable performance. The inclusion of Footrests and Armrests ensures user comfort and support during extended periods of use. With a Powder Coated finish, this wheelchair is resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring durability and longevity. Enhanced with Heavy Breaks for added safety, yet weighing below 15 kgs, it offers users a balance of stability and maneuverability. Experience freedom of movement with the VB Wheelchair with Big Wheels.

MS CRP Pipe, Mag Wheel (Big) Front Wheel PU, Footrest, Armrest
Powder coated , Heavy Breaks, Smooth and Below 15 Kgs



  1. Sturdy MS CRP Pipe Construction: The VB Wheelchair with Big Wheels is built with robust MS CRP Pipe, providing durability and stability for users during mobility.
  2. Mag Wheel (Big) Front Wheel with PU Tires: Featuring Mag Wheels (Big) on the front, equipped with PU tires, this wheelchair ensures smooth and reliable performance on various surfaces.
  3. Comfortable Footrest and Armrest: The inclusion of Footrests and Armrests enhances user comfort and support, allowing for extended periods of use without discomfort.
  4. Powder Coated Finish: Its Powder Coated finish provides protection against rust and corrosion, ensuring longevity and durability even in challenging environments.
  5. Heavy Breaks for Added Safety: Equipped with Heavy Breaks, this wheelchair offers users added safety and control, allowing for secure stops and maneuvers.
  6. Lightweight Design: Weighing below 15 kgs, this wheelchair offers users a lightweight yet sturdy mobility solution, promoting ease of transportation and maneuverability.
  7. Enhanced Mobility and Freedom: The VB Wheelchair with Big Wheels provides users with enhanced mobility and freedom, allowing them to navigate their surroundings with confidence and independence.